The world is moving to the internet. You and your business cannot be left behind.

Choose what describes your brand and find yourself breaching the gap for International Markets (customers) through the World Wide Web. With a great website, you stand to earn the trust of international markets/ investors.

Social Media Management

Research has it that the average person has five social media accounts and spends around 1 hour and 40 minutes browsing these networks every day, accounting for 28 PC’s of the total time spent on the internet. As a business, knowing the right time to pitch your products over these social media platforms and your target audience is a PLUS to getting more customers to buy into your idea, services or products.

With Facebook having the highest social media usage and its dynamic advanced digital marketing tool for audience targeting you can advertise your products to a great number of customers not limited only to Facebook but across other social media extensions such as Instagram and Twitter.

Without the right knowledge on how to target your audience your chances are limited. With Facebook you can generate high conversion (sales) rate direct through your website. A website is a must have for lead generation.

Get us involved to properly set up, manage or coach you on Facebook and Social Media Advertising to get more sales irrespective of your brand and services.

At KoNectPro Empire©, we will carefully walk you through or configure your social media accounts for proper social media reach and target market niche breakthrough.

Small business websites

No matter how small your business is you should never be a mediocre thinker. Think out of the box. Every great and successful business you see out there started from the ground-level. But the innovators were not thinking locally. Infact, they had the whole world in their heart and on their minds. They stayed focused and gradually made it to the "International Market Hall of Fame."
With a strong web presence your customers can easily refer others to have an idea of your services.

With the advancement of technology, you too can reach the entire world by gaining trust with a strong web presence.

Corporate business websites

So you have a corporate firm running and still finding it difficult to reach clients over a large scale! Imagine having a client who traveled out to another town, state, county, and even out of the country and happens to discus your services to a friend he/ she just met over coffee brake. Will that new potential client be able to identify with your brand and your services?

You should never let that be your headache. With a strong custom built web presence, you too can reach millions off clients across the Atlantic Ocean.

e-Commerce & Classifieds solutions

Everyone is looking to sell their products and gain income. What some do not know is that, the web is one of the places to connect with over millions of people across the entire world and market your products to create awareness not limited to your local geographical location only.

With an e-Commerce website you will be able to get other people interested in your products and transact business on the web right from the comfort of your working environment.

Are you looking at running your own Classifieds website and gain global recognition from the likes of Tonaton, OLX, Jobberman, Adepafie, etc.? With a beautifully built classifieds website you too can gain that recognition.

Blogs and news websites

Are you the type that loves writing but just wondering how to get your contents centralized and easily share them over your social media walls and reach millions of people out there? Do you want your voice to be heard?

Have you been able to niche out an identity for yourself and get those neck braking news to the public views? Let us help you redefine your art with a beautifully crafted web presence to have your voice heard.

Web Content Management

Visitors visit your website and all they see is a website that is not current with outed posts from last week, last month and maybe last year. Do you know what that means? "Poor Management, Can't Be Trusted, and the last, "Boring."

Your site should be up to date with fresh, rich and relevant content each day. It should be able to keep up with the world's largest search engine, Google. Each time someone types in your website's name or a topic relevant linking to your website they should be able to view it on Google.

With one of the most widely used CMS', WordPress, we can easily manage your website for you and stay relevant on the web.

Website Reconstruction

There is nothing more boring like visiting a website with poor layout contents. The number of mobile website usage over the years has increased massively as against the average desktop usage.

What does that mean to you? Simple; if your website isn't mobile responsive, truth is, you are losing great number of potential customers.

Get us involved and we will design and redevelop a state of the art website to put your brand on high above your competitors.