What we do.

We design websites with creative packaging concepts and user experiences with a unique research based process we call Informed Creativity. We are forecasting on having our works recognized with multiple international awards and wide coverage in the press. KoNect with us today!

Our Mission.

We are set to creating online digital brand awareness. Giving businesses the real presence on the internet and breaching the gab for international trade awareness between local businesses and international markets (customers).

We aredesigners & thinkers.

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Our history.

KoNectPro Empire© is a Digital IT Agency founded by John Robert Adovor. The company idea started off with the name KoNect Global (www.konectglobal.net). Initially starting with its ultimate vision in October 2015, we struggled the way of every startup company, hitting few bumps. In the process of time, our founder continued steadfast in research and learning to become an intelligent, wise and successful entrepreneur in the industry and in his generation.

As a believer in the things of God, he kept praying and trusting God to build a successful company to affect the lives of millions of creative, dynamic and innovative individuals and leaving a footprint on earth as a man that served God well and the good of mankind.

In the month of January 2017 through to February 2017 due to minor unforeseen events, new ideas to a greater structuring of the business to achieving successful growth economically and socially was birthed. It was in this season the name “KoNectPro Empire” was birth forth. The name brought renewed passion and drive to see the dream through.

“Hitting a few bumps along the road of success is necessary and important, it always brings fresh innovative ideas. Don’t give up! – John Robert Adovor”

KoNectPro Empire© provides quality, reliable and affordable IT services. We outsource IT services to our clients, which enables them to concentrate on their core operations. Our clienteles include corporate organizations, schools, healthcare providers, eminent personalities, churches, hotels, and government departments and agencies. We provide world-class Websites, School Management Web Application, Church Administration Web Application, Hospital Management Portals, Computer Repairs, and IT User Training. Our mission is to offer premium IT services and products to promote the socio-economic development of Ghana and Africa. We aim to build a state of art Hosting Firm to host all our client data and provide hosting services across the continent. We value LEADERSHIP and WINNING which are anchored on Creativity, Professionalism and Customer Satisfaction.

We project not to be limited only to our current location, Accra – Ghana, but to expand across the African Continent and become a global trademark. 

Our target market is meeting the needs of businesses at all levels, prominent individuals, and other organizations in the corporate market seeking to bridge the gap between international markets and local ventures when it comes to Online Branding. KoNect with us today!


Get to know us.

The Founder & CEO, John Robert Adovor, who resides in Accra, Ghana, has in-depth knowledge and experience in such faceted fields of IT with speciality in Web Design, Computer Troubleshooting, Digital Marketing and skills in Graphic Design (flyer and call cards design and 2-D animation).

He is very passionate about entrepreneurship with the zeal to build a multi-billion dollar IT Company that will bring lots of job opportunities to talented, well vexed personalities across the universe and also breach the gap between local businesses and the international markets in such a digital era.

Over 3 years and counting, he has been volunteering at Action Chapel International as an IT Personnel assisting with Troubleshooting of Computer Hardware and Software and being one of the men behind the scene projecting scriptures, song lyrics and other relevant media materials during church service times on the projector screens. With a strong sense of self-motivation, he does not allow the opinions of others dictate the course of his life and dream.

The other Co-founder and Marketing Manager, Kelvin Djangmah Tetteh, also residing in Accra, Ghana, is passionate about the new wave of youth entrepreneurship sweeping across the globe and thus desires to acquaint himself with a range of skills that will help him blend with the current culture of the dynamic digital era.

He brings on board facet of skills with ability to forecast cash flow and sales and monitor profit and loss. With his good sense of humour thus his interpersonal relations with clients which compliments his marketing strategy to generate leads for sales increase. Additionally, he is skilled in Project Management and Planning, Problem Solving and most importantly he values networking. He believes that for any business to thrive successfully, it requires good relationships through networking with others.

He has been volunteering over a year now also at Action Chapel International alongside the Founder, John Robert Adovor with projection of scriptures, song lyrics and other relevant media materials during church service times on the projector screens.